Top 6 Game Engines Of 2015


A game engine is a kind of software that aims for the formation and progress of video games. It is employed for designing games for computers, mobiles and consoles. Game engines are the essential tools for the establishment of any game. This tool is used for manufacturing any game’s sound, graphics, artificial intelligence and many other things.

We can find many game engines in the market. It is a difficult task to select one from them. Now it is up to you to choose which is best for next generation gaming purposes.

Explore the below mentioned excellent game engines ranking on the top.

Unity 3D:-

Unity 3D is the game engine which is used most extensively. It is an unbeaten tool for the enhancement of a game. Generally, it is the most excellent and reasonable alternative for the developers. The only requirements are JavaScript C# or Boo. Unity3d can be used to build the games for the following platforms of Blackberry, iOS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, PS3, and PS4.

Unreal Engine 4:-

It is newly developed game engine and the descendent of UDK. Its developer or manufacturer has made very strong changes in the new design. Changes that are made are not inferior but make it more attractive and interesting because it is easy to use. Unreal Engine 4 possesses pictorial skills that include vibrant lighting and also a new particle structure which is able to control millions of particles in the setting at one time. One thing you must know is that if u wish to develop or make a game for a next generation consoles then this game engine could be a best choice for you.

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Its company name is Crytek. CryEngine is one of the most dominant game engines in the gaming industry. It has many characteristics which comprises of geometry cache, physically based shading, and image based lighting. Its new model requires the developers to sign up for $10 monthly. But even now, they can approach this engine for free under its present terms and conditions regardless of the development of the new design.

Hero Engine:-

It is basically the next generation game engine which can be exercised as a joint business with big profits. It offers a complete approach towards Hero Engine, bandwidth, hosting, etc. it also tackles marketing and billing structures in return for a 30% share of income. It is specially built up for multiplayer type of games.


It is a 2D game engine. It is accessible on Bit Bucket. It provides an active administration scheme. Moreover, Oxygine offers memory pools, regular sprites setting which operates on iOS, Windows, Linux, MacOSX, and Android. This engine has been written in C++language.

Source Engine:-

It is manufactured by Valve Corporation. It’s a 3D game engine which was primarily exposed to all over the world as the most potent gaming tool. It is flexible and powerful and has a well-organized physics structure. It has been making advancements with different titles. It is strengthened with Dx6-Dx9 hardware, LAN and internet based multiplayer games, skeletal system for computer graphics, etc.

Top 6 Game Engines Of 2015
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