Top 11 Best Google Play Store Alternatives


Google play store is a platform which has a vast variety of Android apps. It allows us to install any application we want in our mobile phones. There was a time when Google play store didn’t permit to install the applications that the user required. At that time it allowed only some of the apps for downloading. There can be a number of reasons. One reason for it is may be that the app may be restricted in your area or may be the application didn’t fulfill the conditions existing in your country. Other reason maybe that it is because of the developer that all the users cannot have approach to them at the same time.

It looks like as it is a big concern but actually it is not. There exist many different platforms where you can have approach to those apps. Android provides a big range in the network that suggests several locations to download or install them. Theirs one advantage is that: these alternatives occasionally provide the quality apps on free of cost which Google play couldn’t allow you for free.

Method of installing third party app:-

  • First of all to permit a third party app in your devise, follow the steps below:
  • Firstly, precede to the apps settings.
  • Go to the security option.
  • Allow installation of unknown resources.

Now we will discuss about its substitutes.

Samsung App Store:-

According to my experience as an android developer, Samsung app store is the best alternative to google play because this app store receives a lot of organic traffic and it has a very low competition. If you published your app on Samsung store it could get ranked really quickly because this app store has a very low competition.

Amazon App store:-

As we are looking for a platform away from the Google play store, then amazon is the best alternative. It was launched in March, 2011 and was available for 200 countries. Users can get many free and paid apps to download.

Getjar App Store:-

Get jar is another platform for installing apps. It has its official apps but you can also search for them through its site. It is one of the earlier alternatives of play store. The website is fully managed but most of the time apps are not updated. The method of installing application is fast.

In fact, App Brain performs its task in a quite distinctive way. For example, if you seek to download an application using this, it will forward you to Google play store. If you want to install the apps from App Brain then you must have to sign up there. After that you will be able to install your needed apps from there.

Opera mobile App Store:-

As we all know that it is a browser but it also allows downloading apps within its browser. It has its own app store. In addition, there are no other resources present to approach this app store. That is why users do not have a very good experience with that. But it has a vast range of apps and has large amount of traffic because opera browser is based on Android.

ApkMirror App Store:-

This alternative of Google play is widespread among the individuals who wish to seek for the most recent announcement of their desired apps. This store does not have approved apps. The client must have to go to the website for installing them. On its site, there does not exist any paid apps. You will not find all of them for free. Here you can browse for the newest uploads and can search for the required app.

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Aptoide App Store:-

It is that platform which is very prevalent among the clients of Google play store because as contrasted with App Brain, here you can come across with the paid apps for free. It is formulated according to the Google norms and the client’s experience is also good. The application types are same as in that of play store. It allows updates for the apps as and when required.

App Brain App Store:-

App Brain is the targeted alternative for those users who wish to download the best and top rated applications. It provides an app and a website in order to permit the users to retrieve its record. Here, the developers create their apps free for some time and in return the App Brain advertises it for them. Moreover, the purpose of this app is to provide the user full control over an application. This is the reason that when you install an app it takes permission about tracing your downloaded applications in order to give updates.

Mobogenie App Store:-                        

It’s a place where you can find apps that also exists in play store. It’s a high level store and has a great system to arrange downloads. It is regarded as the best application store and a great alternative of Google play. With this, user is not able to install the apps directly. It will forward you to Google play.

F-Droid: App Store:-

It is also an excellent alternative for play store. It receives donations. Anyone can retrieve the code of these apps without any cost. You can find the app that you want to use; you just need to approach the code and copy it.

A demerit of this app is that its applications are not qualified all the time as they can also be found on Amazon and Google play, even then it is suggested by the developers.

SlideMe App Store:-

SlideMe is another source where a user can be able to install the apps that he wants. Here all the apps present in the record have been endorsed after examining. Applications in SlideMe are categorized with different options such as updated, ratings, newest, etc. The app is in a lot of languages and it receives many currencies. Users can download this app from its site free of cost.

PandaApp App Store:-

It is another option of play store, loaded with a vast range of apps for almost every type of smart phone. Mostly, it is comprises of games. There are many apps on the site too along with free apps. This platform provides more than 8000 games or applications for download.

To conclude, we can say that above mentioned all the google play alternatives are excellent for gaining extra downloads and promotions because these alternate app stores have a very low competition as compared to google play therefore your apps could get rank easily.

Top 11 Best Google Play Store Alternatives
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