In few years, cloud computing has revolutionized into the future of the internet. Rackspace however, is on the top in revolutionizing the noted edge of the cloud computing revolution, cooperating with businesses and professionals promising them to give the real value of the ideal cloud. Cloud computing has been awarded growing competitiveness via cost cut down, higher flexibility, elasticity and maximum resource utilization. Nowadays enterprises are engaging into cloud service providers for their command over it and for transferring their workload to the cloud. Due to expansion in cloud computing technology, the role of IT for professionals and business has converted into a strategic tool for modernization and process enhancement. Companies using cloud computing service for competitive advantage in business line.

Here are few top uses of cloud computing.

  1. File cache and backup:

Probability has you may have suffered the irritation of sending large file or data via email. Apps and services like Dropbox, Rackspace have been all over providing the service to store sufficient data. On the other hand, Apple is playing its role in explaining the use of the cloud to the new generation and how helpful it can be.

The year 2012 introduced more developed and powerful way for secure file and data sharing for the team, groups, and backups. From cloud drive to any other cloud service, there is no need to send heavy data, a Virtual team including customers and groups can access that particular space in the cloud where you share information and documentation.

  1. Data based cloud:

Every other web application needs a database. Few years back web developers had to build up their own database, examples are MySQL Server etc. A very complex set of skills is required to manage and tune the database, which is also time-consuming. The best work is done by the database administrator.

Cloud database service made it easy for developers and IT based companies enjoys the effective and expandable database that works perfectly fine. Tuning, infrastructure, monitoring all in done by cloud service.

  1. Emails:

Email is just another mission critical application that is moderately mature. Now a day it doesn’t make any sense to use Exchange server in a small or multinational company. They should immediately skip to better service that is a cloud.

Even on the personal ground people choose to use services like yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail. Regardless of space issue and server time up, these services can be used anywhere anytime. Easy to use and access.

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  1. Documents backup:

Everyone wants to backup and save their important data, documents, files. Few of us do it regularly and more handily.  A proper backup stores all your important data in the remote area. On the contrary, previously data was stored on disks or tapes even on USBS which wasn’t much handy and was quite time-consuming.

Cloud-based backup helps to restore your information and use it remotely whenever needed. All your data goes in a remote area where you can store as much data as you want can share it with others anywhere anytime.

  1. Benefit to Ecommerce:

Availability and expandability are a basic concern of online stores. Any min of server down or downtime can make you lose a customer forever; your sales may be effective by the slow website. E-commerce is also famous for a seasonal high time, like the holiday season. With cloud service, online store doesn’t have to pay extra for infrastructure, especially in peak seasons. The cloud helps them to use dynamic scales as their traffic scales. The cloud also makes it easy to use a web server in a different location. With an addition to CDN which allows using high bandwidth content such as images and videos in few seconds and cheap rates.

  1. Development Testing:

A new built Software Company which is playing to set up its own line of business software or building software to sell in the market need two QA environments- each one requires a setup, storage, and networking. Instead of investing in these QA it’s better for software developer’s teams to use the cloud for developing and maintain it within the cloud.

It will save time and cost of the developer’s company. You will be paying for infrastructure and saying goodbye to maintenance. Load testing and hardware configuration can also be done through the cloud.

  1. Crash Discovery:

This is yet another advantage of using cloud based on cost cut down and effectiveness of a crash discovery. Cloud also provides fast and easy methods to recover lost or damaged data.

  1. Mobility of Resources:

Facing problem in a number of population, companies avoid BYOD i.e. bring your own device. They focus more on cloud-based service. Everything can be stored in the cloud and you can use it with the accessibility of internet enabled devices. With file sharing tools employers can perform any task, connect through any device and work virtually from any location.

Cloud computing has made it easy for IT based companies and much other software developing companies to work efficiently and effectively with the help of cloud-based, which facilitate them with unlimited data storage as well as hassle free infrastructure, less time and cost is required to use and maintain cloud-based services.

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