5 Traits of a Great Logo Design


There are certain logos like Apple’s or Nike’s that are highly successful and lasting that they come to your mind just by merely mentioning the brand name. So what is so special about a logo design that makes it stand out?

Following are the five traits that turns a logo into a huge success. Be it the careful selection of colors and design elements to the compilation of the final concept, these tips are a designer’s guide to create remarkable logos.

  1. A Great Logo is Simple

Keeping it simple is the key when it comes to creating a great logo. A simple logo is easy to remember and recall. Less is always more in a logo design. You don’t want to over-complicate it or clutter it with too many design elements. Do not use more than three colors in a design or else it will be too much to remember. If you are using typography in your logo, be sure to use a readable font. If you are using two different texts (a company name and a tag line), you can use two different fonts. But do not use more than two fonts in a logo.

  1. A Great Logo is Consistent with the Brand

What message and values does the brand aim to convey to its audience? The logo must be able to express the core characteristics of its company. Every company has certain visual branding besides the logo. The logo should be consistent with the visual branding and they should complement each other to drive trust and reinforce brand identity. Therefore keep the visual style of the brand in mind when choosing the color palette, font and it size and the overall spacing while designing the logo.

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  1. A Great Logo is Memorable

The audience has just a blink of an eye to look at your logo and memorize it. If your logo is not easy to remember, you will lose the chance to build a strong identity. Brand recognition is built with timeless logos, Like Apple or Coca Cola. While you should be aware of the trends in logo, do not keep the design too trendy as trends come and go. Choose a custom logo design and try to keep your design neutral. That way, your logo will be able to endure the test of time.

  1. A Great Logo is Distinct

A great logo has to stand out among the plethora of logos up in the marketplace. Do not include the over used design elements to maintain your uniqueness. Or else it would be too obvious and won’t be memorable. And, your logo doesn’t necessarily have to portray what the company’s business is. For example, Nike’s logo doesn’t contain sportswear on it, or Mercedes logo doesn’t contain a car. Develop a unique design while conveying the brand’s message while not necessarily giving away what the company’s business is all about.

  1. A Great Logo is Adaptable

A great logo will do well on every medium. Be it a computer screen, business card, or a bill board, the effectively design logo will recall the same meaning.  When you keep you design simple, it is easy to adapt to every size. An ideal logo design will work just fine at a one inch size without losing its detail.  That’s right, a good logo is always scalable or it would lose brand value. Plus a remarkable logo design would work just fine in black and white as it would in color.

5 Traits of a Great Logo Design
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