Top Augmented Reality Devices


Nowadays augmented reality has stroked the world with the invention of its devices. Augmented reality is a tool which is inspiring the real world with digital media and information like 3D videos and standards. It super imposes concurrently the camera outlook of the tablet, smart phone, Pc, or connected glasses.

Top Augmented Reality Devices:-

AR works on every screen and associated devices. For instance, you can see that on tablets and smart phones AR behaves like a thrilling window. Several AR application are there on I pad, iPhone, and Android. It also works on connected TV and Pc through a webcam. It may be bulky because of employing a tracker ahead on the screen.

Google Glass:-

It was the primary AR device. This device comprised of a camera which could record anything without any one’s knowledge. So it was built for privacy. It has a head mounted display through which you can see many overlaying information screens in your routine life, such as current affairs, weather, missed calls, etc. it works with various Android apps too. It can also take pictures of whatever you are looking. It has one day battery time. Here it is important to state that it is not an accurate AR device but it has the capability to be one. Google is not advertising Google glass at present but the company is working on it to make it more likeable for customers.

Glass Up:-

It is another device but it doesn’t possess any cameras. With it, you are not able to take photos or videos. You can just grasp information which will be flashed at the center of what you are looking. For example, if you have a text message or Facebook update then the message will arise on the center of the vision just for few seconds. You are not able to answer anything through the glasses. It also has one day battery time.

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It is a device that structures the foundation of AR. It has a plus point that it is capable of observing and recognizing the specified things in a quick manner. It’s not only glasses but a rod that grips the screen that swathe one eye. Its battery time is not so long. The device is cheaper and lighter than the others.

DAQRI Smart helmet:-

This helmet device was launched for the engineers and manual workers. It is useful and attractive. It was developed for those who require a vast range of information about one’s surroundings and also for head protection. It shows vision in a low light and has 360 degree cameras.

Epson Moverio BT-200:-

It is an upgrade version of BT 100 and is lighter, smaller, and more influential than the previous one. But it undergoes a lack of latency and processing power. It uses the Android operating system that is typical for smart phones. Moreover, it offers a simple way for the mobile manufacturers to develop AR applications.


So AR technology has changed the world and it is considered that in coming ten years it will modify the manner everyone experiences travel, healthcare, art, work, games, entertainment, etc.

Top Augmented Reality Devices
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