Deploy System Image by AOMEI Image Deploy


Why need to deploy system image?

Because there are multiple computers in a room and they are newly purchased. They haven’t installed operating system yet. If you plan to install the same OS on each machine one by one. Few is possible, but if there are many, seems impossible. If you are professional man, you know that deploy system image to multiple computers at the same time is possible and a better solution. A system image also including software, patches, drivers and other data. If you are good at computer technology, you may know how to deploy. But if you are a newbie, with a deploy tool is easy to achieve your goal.

AOMEI Image Deploy review

AOMEI Image Deploy is an image deployment and network cloning software. It is free and can deploy system image to multiple computers or clone multiple computers through network. It provides a better solution to help you save lots of time and many resources by provisioning hundreds of PCs and Servers simultaneously.

AOMEI Image Deploy has many features. With it, you can build a real-time process monitor. The master installed AOMEI Image Deploy will display clients’ IP address and restoring status in the list. All the processes will be displayed in percentage. Server will receive the prompt whether restore process is successful or not. What’s more, it is able to manage all clients in remote.

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AOMEI Image Deploy is very easy to get started. It has built-in wizards. These advantages enable you just to follow the prompt step by step to finish deploy task to batch client computers within the same LAN.

AOMEI Image Deploy can distribute different computers’ name and IP addresses for Client computers when finishing deployment, and makes sure they can be connected to network normally after entering OS. Actually, you can pre-install remote control software in the system image. When client computers are online, you can take subsequent operation to client computers in remote. How useful!

AOMEI has dissimilar hardware restore technique, thus AOMEI Image Deploy also supports deploying system image to multiple client computers even with different hardware (For example CPU and mother board). It ensures normal system start-up in client computers after deployment.

More about AOMEI Image Deploy

For a small room, AOMEI Image Deploy Free is the solution. It can deploy image to unlimited PCs simultaneously and deploy image to maximum 20 servers simultaneously. However, other image deployment software are paid. Sometimes you will spend over $1,000 to deploy 50 machines. You have to know that even AOMEI Image Deploy Technician is only $199, which supports to deploy image to unlimited both PCs and Servers simultaneously. So we think AOMEI Image Deploy is an excellent and necessary tool to manage and maintain dozens of computers in a company or school.

To use AOMEI Image Deploy, there are some notes. The image file should be a system image or a disk image created by Windows backup software – AOMEI Backupper. You should set the network boot as the first boot device in BIOS for all client computers before deploying image.

Deploy System Image by AOMEI Image Deploy
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