5 Most Expected Future Laptop Features


Laptop has many functions. You can do many things with laptop such as typing, gaming, saving files, and other uses. Because the needs are more various, the features will also be more complete. That is why new laptops usually offer new features. How about the future laptops? What can we expect from the upcoming laptops? As we know, today’s laptops are really sophisticated. So, the upcoming laptops will certainly be more sophisticated. Therefore, it is very interesting to discuss more about future laptop features.

8th Generation of Intel Processor:

As we know, Intel can be considered as the best laptop processor. 7th generation is the latest one. Most powerful and sophisticated laptops come with this processor. Usually, laptops for gaming, multimedia, or other heavy duty uses are powered by 7th generation of Intel processor. As far as I know, it is really satisfying. The performance is very high especially if it is paired with high processor speed. However, people are waiting for 8th generation of Intel processor. Even though it may still be on developing, we can expect that this will be one of the upcoming laptop features.

If we talk about 8th generation of Intel processor, there are some rumors which tell that it will come true in the second half of 2017. Whether this rumor is trusted or not, it makes many people curious and wait for this next generation of Intel processor. If it comes true, we should be ready to welcome laptops with more powerful performance. Of course, the processor speed will also be faster. Anyway, it becomes one of the most awaited rumors related to future laptop features.

Wireless Technology:

Nowadays, you can use laptop for Play Station; connect to other devices; and some other interesting activities. However, it requires you to connect the wires. One of the new laptop features that we can enjoy is wireless technology. Today, we can enjoy some of wireless technology. However, we expect that this wireless technology is improved in the future. So, we can use laptop more enjoyably and simply. Anyway, you have to thank to today’s wireless tech.

One of the examples of wireless technology is wireless charging. This sophisticated technology has been applied on some gadgets including Smartphone and laptop. However, we are still difficult to find this technology. Some other wireless techs are such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Hopefully this technology will be more popular in the future. In addition, this technology can be used for many more functions. If this wireless technology becomes more and more popular, laptops will be much more enjoyable and exciting. Anyway, wireless technology can be considered as one of the most awaited future laptop features.

Unique Concept:

Talking about feature cannot be separated from future laptop concept. In relation to the screen, we may expect a laptop that comes with D-roll screen. Alternatively, Rolltop screen can also be a great idea. The next idea is a laptop that comes with a virtual keyboard. This will be good for projects. What if you have a laptop with flexible display? This may still be a dream but in the future this will come true and many companies are still developing this plan. Napkin screen also belongs to the unique concept that many people expect. Then, we can also dream for a dual screen laptop. This will be very great especially for gaming. And there are still many other unique concepts that are possible to come out in the next few years.

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Longer Battery Life:

One of the features that you must pay attention when buying a laptop is the battery life. Different laptops may come with different battery. Battery with bigger capacity usually can last longer. How long does your laptop battery usually last? At the range, a laptop with good battery life can last 6 up to 10 hours. However, we also often find that a laptop battery life is longer than 10 hours. Even more, today we can find some laptops that have more than 20 hour battery life. So, the future laptop features will also relate to battery life.

We may be satisfied with a laptop that has more than 20 hour battery life. However, the laptop companies may develop their technologies including in battery. In the future, we may be able to see a laptop with much bigger battery capacity so that the battery can last up to a few days. If it comes true, this laptop will be a recommended laptop for those who live traveling. So, you do not need to recharge the battery of your laptop longer.

Windows 11:

What is the operating system of your laptop? A good new laptop usually comes with at least Widows 8 operating system. However, Windows 8 is not the latest one. Today, we can enjoy the latest Windows OS called Windows 10. Widows 10 also come in various versions. Anyway, Windows 10 becomes the most modern and best operating system for today’s laptops. People are also satisfied with Windows 10. However, will Windows launch the next generation of Windows operating system? This topic also relates to future laptop features.

There are many people who believe that there will be the future Windows soon. Even though the name of the future Windows is still unknown, they believe that it will be called as Windows 11. Of course, this will be the more sophisticated operating system. It is still unsure where we can enjoy this future Windows in this year or next year or even a few next years later. If Windows 11 comes true, it should be able to add the experience in using a laptop.

That is all the future laptop features that may come out soon. Some features sound irrational. However, considering that the technology is always more sophisticated, everything will be possible. Now, we can wait which feature that will come true first. We as the users of laptop will always expect the more and more sophisticated laptops. So, using laptops will be much more exciting.

5 Most Expected Future Laptop Features
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