Virtual reality VS Augmented Reality


One of the chief perplexities of today’s technology is virtual and augmented realities. Mutually, they are gaining a great deal of consideration from media. In addition, they are hoping for a remarkable escalation. In fact, the two are recent technologies and require dorky hardware.

Technology is expanding day by day. Various things are viable nowadays that were unfeasible before. In recent times, a few of the impossible things are escalating in the shape of virtual and augmented reality.

Analysis of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:-

If we make analysis of both of them, we will find out that in 1990’s everyone was talking about virtual reality or VR as numerous companies appraised it and flopped. If we talk about the device that was more prominent at that time, it was Nintendo Virtual Boy. The device was flopped and suspended after one year. As compared to VR, augmented reality or AR established victory at the user end. We have spotted a lot of applications with AR, together with hardware devices and video games just like the Google Glass. So it can be seen that AR is achieving superiority over VR.

Virtual Reality:-

VR is basically relates to the conception of fundamental world that facilitates the clients to interact. It must be devised in that method which could be difficult for the clients to recognize between the real and deceptive. Generally, VR is carried out by wearing a VR helmet like that of Oculus Rift.

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Augmented Reality:-

AR is the amalgamation of virtual reality and real life. This is because the manufactures can generate the illustrations within applications which can be combined with the substances in the actual world. With this, the clients can be able to make distinction between the VR and AR and to interact with the fundamental or virtual substances in the actual world.

Difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:-

VR is an unnatural computer generated replication of an actual life situation. It makes the clients so much absorb in it so that they will feel as they are directly going through the virtual reality, predominantly by replicating their hearing and vision. Basically VR is used to develop an unreal reality for entertainment, gaming and play. Further it is used for training of actual life situations. It can work through a coding language called VRML.

Whereas, AR is a technology that covers computer generated developments, a top an accessible reality for making it more momentous by means of the capability to interact with it. It is build up into the Apps and used on mobiles. This technology works by improving ones existing discernment of reality. On the other hand, VR swaps the real world with that of an unreal.


So both are the opposite manifestations of one another. But they are same in some ways too as they survive to provide the user with an improved experience. Universally, patterns of AR are delicate and more secure than VR headsets. They are expected to be wireless too. But if we distinguish between them regarding the price, then VR Oculus is cheaper than the AR Google Glass.

Virtual reality VS Augmented Reality
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