Top Key Chains for Game of Thrones Die Hard Fans


Game of thrones keychain is very famous nowadays in the market. The fans of famous series of Games of Thrones are now able to enjoy seeing the characters with their keychain hanging with a bag, door, and a vehicle. Here are different keychain that you can see and buy it afterward. The good thing about the key chains is that they are all made of good quality material and there is no fear of losing the quality after a certain period of time. Check out the keychain and buy one for yourself.

Pocket Pop! Daenerys Targaryen key chains:

danerys keychainDaenerys keychain is a perfect gift for all those who admire a cute and beautiful keychain for their vehicle. It is 1.5 inches tall catches the attention of everyone who sees it. The keychain comes with a key ring and fits comfortably in the pocket because of its 2 ounces weight. The keychain only cost $5.99 so grab this opportunity and buy game of thrones key chains.

Jon Snow: Pocket Pop! Keychain X Game of Thrones Vinyl Figure:

kon snow keychainJon snow pop figure chain gives a very funny and cool look. 1-1.5 tall key chain is specially crafted in a Japanese manga super-deformed style. It is a collectible product for all Game of Thrones fans. The cost of £ 6.99 gives you a very beautiful keychain to enjoy in your teenage days.

Game of Thrones House Targaryen keychain Silver Metal Key Ring:

Targariyan keychainA fine Targaryen keychain that is available in joust $1.89 with 4 cm of length is a wonderful gift for fans of Game of Thrones. It is made with alloy and metal and quality of the product is very high. Bronze color of this keychain makes very beautiful and give a classic look.

Game of Thrones House of Stark Rubber Keychain:

If you want to buy a rubber chain with a theme of Game of Thrones then Game of Thrones House of Stark Rubber keychain will be the best for you. The house stark key chain design reminds all the interesting scenes of popular series. You can attach it to your bags and belts as it is 6cm x 4cm which makes it visible. The product is officially licensed by the company.


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Game of Thrones Pop! Vinyl-Jon Snow #07:

Another amazing gift which is officially licensed is in the market. Jon snow keychain is available in £ 9.76 with high detailed features that you cannot stop admiring. A 3.75” Pop Vinyl figure from Game of Thrones is all that you should buy being a fan of Game of Thrones.

Jon Snow: Pocket Pop! X Game of Thrones Mini-Figure Keychain + 1 Free Official Game of Thrones Trading Card Bundle (44497):

Jon snow pop keychain is very famous among the fans of Games of Thrones. Pocket Pop! X Game of Thrones Mini-figure key chain comes with an exciting offer of trading cards bundle. The cost of the product is $9.99 with additional shipping cost in case you buy it from Amazon.

Game of Thrones-Stark Shield Keychain:

There is a number of stark keychain available online but if you are looking for a keychain with good quality and design then you should but Game of Thrones-Stark Shield Keychain that is only available in $9.00. A fan of Game of Thrones should not miss the opportunity of some good stuff related to his/her favorite series.

Funko Pop Keychain: Got-Jon Snow:

A new product from Funko is available online for purchase at a cost of $8.99. The convenience of easily putting in a pocket without any irritation makes the product highly appreciable among users. Jon snow key rings have provided many different products in which this product is a masterpiece for all who want something tiny and comfortable to carry with them.

Funko Pop Keychain: GOT-Daenerys Targaryen:

An amount of $4.99 is not a high amount for the fans of Game of Thrones. Funko brings another game of thrones pop keychain with a very beautiful figure. If you like cute figures then you should buy it for you or for your girlfriend.

Game of Thrones House Stark Sigil Crest Metal Keychain:

What could be a powerful gift than a stark keychain available at the cost of $7.95? Game of Thrones House Stark Sigil Crest Metal Keychain is made of zinc alloy. The bronze color of keychain gives it a very real look and the size of 1 5/8” X 1 3/8 is a perfect fit for your pocket or wallet. The high standard of the game of thrones stark key chain gives a warranty of usable for years which means that you only to spend amount once and gets a benefit for a longer period.

Game of Thrones 3 pk Mini Funko Figure Set and Jon Snow Pop Keychain Bundle:

All family members in a family can be the fans of Funko Pop Keychain. There is a good news for all those fans because a new 3 pack tin set of chains is available in $ 29.99 where all the stand is are 1 ½ inches tall. All the figures are of about 1 to 1.5 “tall designed in the figure of Japanese Anime super-deformed style. If you want something to remind you the story of Westeros and Essos then this key chain game of thrones are a perfect fit for you. They are the characters of famous series of TV which have been designed for the fans of all Game of Thrones fans.


There are many other kinds of a game of thrones key rings that you can buy online or find a shop which sells the item. It could also be a good surprise for a friend, girlfriend, and a boyfriend. You can even gift it to your younger brother for collecting the memories of favorite series. Keep the memory always with you in the form of keychain and never forget to watch Games of Thrones series for more excitement, entertainment, and more fun.

Top Key Chains for Game of Thrones Die Hard Fans
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