Top 5 pop under ad networks of 2015


Now a days, ad networks are very prevalent among people for online earning purposes. In them, Google AdSense is the world’s leading ad network through which you can earn if you know how to use it.

Basically, pop-under ad networks may be used to enhance the web traffic and also to get more and more email addresses. These ads are there for the purpose of advertising many different products and other services too.

Choosing a good ad network is really difficult and time consuming. Choose a network that has been there for at least one year and that must have a good traffic. Before starting work, it’s better to ask about the site from its users.  Pop under ads are triggered in a new window which means that the user has to click the ad there at the new window.

Top pop under ad networks are mentioned below that are now performing great and have high payouts. They have much more to offer.

Propeller ads:

These ads are one of the top pop under ads network. It has gained the label of the most flourished advertising company. They promote ads on CPL and CPA transformations. In this network, you can gain the greatest execution of ad campaigns. There you can find the skillful, trained, and experienced supporters. It will give you secure payments. This network is running about 3000 campaigns all over the world and they keep on checking about the fake advertisers.

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Pop cash:

It is basically the most active pop under ad network. It is based on consistency, speediness, and is safe. This network provides you the opportunity to have full control on the campaigns. You can select yourself when you have to start, pause, and stop. It offers you full support through instant messages. It payout on daily basis without any inconveniency. Using this network, you can withdraw your amount when you have earned $10 in your account.


It is an advertising network that brings about astonishing outputs for the advertisers and also provides extremely lucrative returns for the publisher. Marketers are consigning many visitors to this network from various websites since 2004. This network has a way to consolidate the promoters who want to market the products or other online services and also the publishers who are willing to make profits.

Ad Cash:

It is mainly one of the leading advertising networks which are offering ads on a high level. I also have special pricing standards to scrutinize the matter online for enhancing the return rates. This network maintains all business norms. It is providing the users more than 1000 ad campaigns functioning at its site.

Adsterra Network:

A successfully developing pop under ad network is Adsterra. It is managing more than 50billion ad impressions every month. The network gives assistance to the publishers and assures 100% scrutiny of the ads. It gives full support and safety as it has a way to configure every campaign on hourly basis. It makes bi-weekly payments.

Top 5 pop under ad networks of 2015
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