How has technology changed the everyday life of our generation?


pokemon goConcepts that seemed like SF imaginary just a decade ago are now breaking into reality and empowering us in our daily habits, aspirations and obligations. Technology has become an essential need, the air which geeks – but also ordinary users – breathe. From an endless landscape stretching beyond our imagination, the world has now become a global village. Modern generations take many tech marvels for granted, yet their parents would consider them to be nothing short of incredible magic wands for manipulating the world.

A few clicks away

The internet is, hands down, one of the most important inventions of the 21st century, allowing people to communicate globally. Even its creators did not suspect such a meteoric rise, and the height it will reach in a relatively short period of time. It has changed the way we engage with information, becoming pivotal to the lives of tech-savvy individuals.

The lighting-speed connection is an absolute must, and dial-up is a relic of the past. And this network is not just here for fun and entertainment. We live in an age where revolutions are organized and carried out on Facebook, and kids use Snapchat rather than text messages and emails.

On the go

Mobile technology is a true game changer. Yes, mobile devices have been around for some time, but models from the 90’ are not even close to the sleek gadgets of today. Now, you can immerse in a vivid cyber environment from anywhere and anytime. The mobile platforms go hand in hand with the internet technology, so no wonder that teenagers feel disoriented when separated from their precious smartphones.

Moreover, mobile searches have surpassed the desktop ones, driving brands to gain a deeper understanding about users’ preferences and tailor offers to their needs. With the surge in the wearable tech market, many argue that without mobile tech, children would possess very little understanding about the world around them.

Home, smart home

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The arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the face of our living environment, making it more functional, smart and awesome. The objects in our homes are embedded with wireless capacity, communicating between themselves and sharing data. The applications involve home security, entertainment, robotic assistants, household appliances and even mundane surfaces like walls.

Soon, the appliances that cannot be controlled via smartphone or smart dashboard will be deemed as outdated. We can already turn the lights off and on with a tap of our finger, issue voice commands to robot servants, brew coffee from the comfort of our bedroom, etc. Things have gotten so far that we do not even have to get up in order to perform most house duties.

Family life

The shifts nurtured by technology run so deep that they affect both our psyche and our habits. The family TV viewing is declining, and is overshadowed by tablets, smartphones and other versatile devices. Research has shown that children spend at least six hours a day in front of the screen (compared to only three hours in 1995), most often alone and inside, reluctant to participate in family holidays and trips out, seeing even joint meals as a nuisance.

The technology is there for you in good, bad and ugly. California Divorce Online services, for example, allow you to go about divorce business as painlessly as possible. On the other hand, parents can entertain and educate kids seamlessly with free online resources. Yet, experts claim that channels like YouTube have brought forth the proliferation of the image culture and consequences such as shortened attention spans.

The future is now

We have come a long way, once dancing around campfires, then spending hours in front of the TVs, and finally rallying around small mobile phone screens. Technology has made our lives more enjoyable and easy, but it has also rendered us dependent on the constant connectivity. Modern generations have much higher screen time, different media habits and forgo family activities. A bid of future-gazing faces us with boost dystopian and idealistic visions: Let us just hope that electrical grid does not go down, and leaves us in the dark (side of high-tech era).

How has technology changed the everyday life of our generation?
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