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How to take a leap in your career as an Investment Banker?

After much hard work and dedication you have landed a job as an investment banker and doing absolutely fine in your workplace. The demand for an investment banker is real and everyone is looking forward to join the club. As a result of this, there is a herd of banker in the market. If you are also among the same, and want to fly high in your career, by joining a top notch business school, this article is clearly meant for you.

There are two ways of considering yourself if you are planning to study further. First let me tell you that Investment banking is really the hot job in the market and there are many great institutes and business schools who have started providing this course. Also, the number of applicants registering for this program is in abundance. So, getting hold of a certification is not the only way out to become an expert. Being an investment banker give you an edge as it proves your dedication, quant skills and ambitiousness towards your career.

But given the fact that there are so many aspiring investment banker in the market- how will you leap above them and make a stellar career.

  1. Show your dedication – There is a common thought that goes through peoples mind when they think of a banker, which is they are money and material oriented. Well, first of all, who isn’t? And, secondly this is a myth. Put across this point in a very subtle manner in your application.
  2. Prove yourself – In order to enter the world best banking institute, you need to prove your caliber as an investment banker. Assuming the fact that you have a tag of working in the best will get you through the best colleges is clearly just an assumption and is not going to help. Showcase that you know what you are getting into and showcase it in a way that proves you are the best in the banking industry.
  3. Certifications -Yes, this has been repeated over and over again, but the facts cannot be changed or altered. Getting a investment banking certification for professionals clearly reflects how dedicated you are to make a leap in your career and open to moving out. As an investment banker and working in the banking industry you really should know how fast the market changes.

So an attempt to keep your skill set updated and as per the volatility of the market is actually a way of showing how keen you are in becoming the best in the business and understand the value of certification for investment banking.

How to take a leap in your career as an Investment Banker?
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