Royal StarFighter – Space Wars


Royal StarFIghterIn 2060, mankind was able to explore the space and begin his journey to discover the hidden secrets. He begins to expand his territory, but his very existence is threatened when a new species attacked him, which emerged from the portal of Uranus, with the advance weapons capabilities. These alien species started to destroy planets, which are colonized by human beings. For the Survival of human race, the world at last formed an army of most talented pilots, known as Royal StarFighters to repel the enemies.

For the sake of human kind, the army of Royal Starfighters launched a massive attack to annihilate the alien species. Now the question lies, will Royal StarFighters will able to repeal the enemy invasion with laser pods and agile space crafts .Take your StarFighters loaded with laser weapons and shoot the enemies with plasma and nuclear missiles to perish them. Our fate lies on you pilot. Your actions will decide our existence.

Royal StarFighter artwork

Royal StarFighter – Space Wars is available at google play store.

Royal StarFighter – Space Wars
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