Reasons Facebook Likes Still Count for Businesses


Facebook is one of the social media platforms that multiple businesses use to market their products and services. It continues to prove beneficial for various entities enhancing brand recognition and boosting profits.

While trying to make the best of this social media avenue, many business owners and marketers ignore the significance of Facebook likes. It is a wrong move because they are an excellent social media marketing tool for both small businesses and big brands.

You may have heard news going around that Facebook likes no longer matter. It is not true because there are still many reasons the likes are essential for business operations. Note that Facebook likes represent the number of people who know the brand, and are also willing to receive updates from the business. This goes to show that you should never ignore these likes. Other reasons that may convenience you of this include:


Enhanced Brand Image and Credibility

When a business page attracts many likes, it helps to improve the credibility of the organization and the brand image as well. The numbers reveal how popular the brand is because masses are willing to like it while looking out for content the page or posts has put out.

Running such a page means that you should always be on your toes to keep the followers interested. This will prevent them from getting bored and forgetting and un-liking the page. To make things a lot easier, you can get Facebook like count by using an expert analytic company that allows you to track likes, URL shares, and other essential data in real time. The results will let you know if you are doing something right or whether there are changes to implement to ensure that the numbers stay up at all times.

Future Business Potential

When a person likes your business page, it does not mean that they are already a client or have deep knowledge about your business. They could have been attracted by the design of the page or saw that a friend likes it and decided why not like it as well. Some will even like a page just because it has many likes.

In simple terms, it shows that Facebook likes can also help an entity attract more paying customers. Be careful with the content that your page produces, so that it works magic on potential clients. You can even include some discounts and other promotions on the page to nudge both existing and future customers to make the right move.

An Edge over Competition

Facebook likes have the potential of putting you ahead of the competition. Since they positively impact the business leading to more familiarity and brand recognition, you may also end up having a competitive advantage over the firms that are doing similar businesses.

If your firm has more likes that those of the competition, chances are that more people will view the content you produce. For instance, if you have 6, 000 likes and the competitors only have 600; your target audience is bound to see more updates than the other organization.

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More people liking your official posts and pages mean that you create an opportunity for your organization to stay in the minds of all those people. It could imply that if the individuals ever need the products you are dealing with, they will first run to your company.

Building Relationships with the Right Audience

Facebook likes allows companies to build relationships with the right type of audiences. For starters, no one really forces a person to like a page or post on Facebook. People end up doing this on their own accord. This means that they are interested in the page and want to know what it is all about.

Note that if you have 500 likes and you post an update, it will appear on the news feed of all the individuals who like the page. If it is great content, there is a high chance that some fans will like, comment, or even share it with their other friends. This is a crucial interaction that helps to build customer loyalty while spreading your content all over Facebook.

Most importantly, you can also filter the marketing message so that it reaches the right type of audience. You have the freedom to send direct messages similar to emails to fans on your page. Target the messages so that you only contact fans, who are at the right location, gender and age for the piece of information you have.

Social Proof

Lots of follows and likes is social proof that lets others know the popularity of your official Facebook page. Honestly, there are people who will be scared to do business with a certain company because they see that they only have few likes and have been in the business for many years. This can be an indication that there is something wrong.

This may be the reason why some organizations go as far as buying likes to show the world that they have a strong social media presence. It is highly frowned upon because there is a pride you get from earning organic likes as it goes to show that people are genuinely interested in your business.

The SEO Factor

Search engines also include social signals as part of their ranking factors. Today, they count how many likes a business has to help determine how to rank your page. It is possible for a page to rank higher than a website in major search engines.

Online Support and Feedback

Facebook likes are also critical in that you can use this to get feedback from your clients. This is not all because you can also offer the much-needed customer support. You can help out followers when they are having a problem fast to keep building an awesome supportive audience.

Do not listen to non-Sayers when they say that Facebook likes are not essential for your business. The likes play an important role that could help you run the entity in a better manner as you boost profits.

Reasons Facebook Likes Still Count for Businesses
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