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Pin Your Favorite Chat On The Top

There can be not a single day where one is not using their WhatsApp if they have signed up for the service. It is a fact that, it is indeed addictive in its nature and it is helping millions of people across the world to stay connected. An obvious factor is that on a regular basis we do chat with many of the contacts from the list

At one point it becomes really hard to figure out which of the messages are the latest ones. We scroll up and down through the chats to figure out and open the chat window to reply to certain messages in the chat tab. It is a tedious task when someone is having a busy day and finding it hard to read through the messages.

An undeniable fact is that it is just not the individual chats which we regularly go through. There are users who do maintain group chats as well, it is just not one group there are many groups in which they have never ending chats. At times it becomes annoying as well, but still, it helps them to stick together with their friends and families no matter what.

It becomes a bit difficult to go through the different chats and reach the right one. There are times when we have a few people in our contact list with which we have regular chats. In that case, we need to scroll through the pile of chats to reach that particular chat with the latest message.

This is why WhatsApp has decided to bring in a feature, where it is easy for people to reach the chat window of the user with whom they chat frequently. All the chats which we have might not of an interesting kind and it is something which really does not give any kind of heed towards it.

Most of us tend to have conversations which are interesting, exciting and fun-filled as well. The moment we realize the fact that the conversation is not going in the right direction we refrain from continuing it. So, when there are plethoras of messages in the chat tab and it becomes painstaking to scroll what else one could do.

The tech geeks at WhatsApp decided to bring a solution to this and they have introduced a new feature in the beta version of the app. A feature where the user will be able to pin their important chats to the top of the conversation list and the not so important messages can be seen on a later note.

Messages which are not of important nature can be pushed down in the list of chats. There are group chats where we find people having conversation constantly and at times it is really disturbing as well. This update of the feature in the beta version comes amongst other interesting features as well.

This update of the feature is done to make sure that there are more conversations happening on the app. The pinning feature will help the user to bring their important chats to the top on the chat tab of the app. All the user needs to do is to hold on to the chat and there will be an option available for the user to be able to pin the chat.

The option for pinning the chat will be available along with the options such as delete and mute. This feature is at present available in the beta version of the app and it is expected to be rolled out soon for public use in both Android and iOS as well. Once the chat is pinned, it will always remain on the top of the conversations list.

As the important chats will be made available on the top of the list, it is easier for one to fetch it through, rather than struggling to find it amidst the hundreds of chats. Unfortunately, the pinning option is restricted to only 3 and the user has the option to switch the pinning from one contact to the other at any given time.

There are other interesting features which are being tested on the beta version of the app. Let’s just, there is a feature where the user will be intimated if any of their contacts changes their number on WhatsApp. The user will be having 3 different options to intimate the contacts about the number change.

First one enables it so all the contacts shall be intimated with the number change. The second would be where the user will have the option to intimate to only select contacts. And the third one is where they can completely disable the option without intimating it to anyone if need they can intimate personally through the chat.

Live location sharing is another update which we get to see in WhatsApp beta version. The user will be able to share their present location on the go within a set time interval. There is an option available where we can share the location. But with this update, we will be able to track down the location in 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes and indefinitely as well.

There are situations where we end up sending messages to the wrong person or in the wrong window. On a later note, we end up being embarrassed for something of that kind happening. For this not be happening, WhatsApp has introduced the feature of revoking the messages within a 5 minute time interval.

The pin feature of the app is something which is already been seen on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Now, we will get to see in WhatsApp as well, Facebook owns WhatsApp and we can see that there are attempts to clone a few features from their counterparts and implement it in their app as well.

In the recent past, there was a particular update from WhatsApp, which received a different set of reactions. It is status update feature, which was cloned from Snapchat, where the users will be able to update it with multimedia and have it active for 24 hours. Apart from that, the users will be intimated with the updated statuses of their friends and who has seen their status update as well.

People were not really happy with that aspect and wanted to have the text status feature back. On demand, the firm did bring back the text status feature under a different name called as “About”. One of the biggest updates in the recent times which took place in the app is the terms and conditions of the privacy policy.

It was said that WhatsApp will be sharing information with Facebook to provide better customer service. The company is still in talks with the authorities and it is not yet been approved off to share the information. But, with what we get to see is that the authorities might be in favor of the companies.

In the end, this messaging platform has been seeing lots of changes in the user interface and addition of new features as well. It is clear that WhatsApp is trying its level best to stay on the top and make it best for its users. So folks, next time when you have that important chat in your tab, you know what you should be doing.


Pin Your Favorite Chat On The Top
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