October, 2016

  • 27 October

    Choose Website Design Services for the Best Mobile Sites

    You’ve probably gathered by now that your website needs to be all about your mobile audience these days. In fact, not having a mobile friendly website could be killing your conversions, and negatively affecting your search ranking. But guess what? Google did a bit of research and found 40% of …

  • 11 October

    The Technology behind Self Storage

    Most people use self-storages to get rid of items they don’t necessarily need, but are too financially or emotionally valuable to be thrown in the trash. We can say that self-storages in United States aren’t used to their full capacity. Due to advanced technology today’s storage units are equipped with …

September, 2016

  • 6 September

    Strategy Pattern in Java

    Java code development should be done efficiently and java development India experts do it by applying design methodologies into applications. In this article, they will tell about the use of Strategy Pattern in development of java code. Introduction:- In Java, to make the code more reliable we should design our …

August, 2016

  • 24 August

    How has technology changed the everyday life of our generation?

    pokemon go

    Concepts that seemed like SF imaginary just a decade ago are now breaking into reality and empowering us in our daily habits, aspirations and obligations. Technology has become an essential need, the air which geeks – but also ordinary users – breathe. From an endless landscape stretching beyond our imagination, …

July, 2016

  • 26 July

    How Technology Influences Our Emotional Life?

    Men using tablet

    Modern technology has infiltrated all aspects of our professional and personal lives. But how does this affect modern relationships and marriages? Divorce rates are in constant rise and experts often blame our fast-paced society for these trends. But is there a way technology can help us in establishing strong relationships …

  • 19 July

    How to use Amazon DynamoDB for Java Enterprise Development

    amazon db 1

    You will learn basics of Amazon DynamoDB used by java enterprise development experts for projects. In this post, you will learn about the key areas of this DB and connecting/manipulating CRUD operations with Amazon DynamoDB with Java Introduction Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database. It is part of Amazon cloud …

  • 14 July

    How To Wrap Text Inside The Column In SWT Java-Based Framework?


    In this article post, java development company experts will explain SWT framework. They will guide you how to wrap text inside the column in SWT. For more details, please read the article.         Introduction SWT stands for Software Widget Toolkit, its Java-based open source framework initially developed by IBM now maintained …

  • 9 July

    How to Use Axon Framework in Java to Develop Web applications

    FrameWork One

    Technology: Aaxon is the Framework for Java language which is used develop the java applications using CQRS and Event Sourcing concepts. It provided annotation driven approach to send receive the message from message bus. Aaxon Framework is the implementation of CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and Event sourcing. CQRS (Command …

May, 2016

  • 4 May


    In few years, cloud computing has revolutionized into the future of the internet. Rackspace however, is on the top in revolutionizing the noted edge of the cloud computing revolution, cooperating with businesses and professionals promising them to give the real value of the ideal cloud. Cloud computing has been awarded …

April, 2016

  • 14 April

    G700 LED Flashlight Review: Is it Really Military

    Military Flashlights

    Although the evidence linking the flashlight with the military is inconsistent and unofficial, there has been information of its use in open fields during battles. It is also crucial to assert that the use of the product was not open to the civilians until recently. Presently, everyone in the society …