May, 2017

  • 27 May

    10 apps that pay you

      Can you live without your smartphone? Certainly not. Do you carry it everywhere you go? Absolutely. If smartphone is that much important and indispensable, why not make money off it? It is easier thank you think. Making money from phones and apps is real. Before we begin, we would …

  • 25 May

    Galaxy S9: Samsung would already have started working on it, 6 months earlier than the S8

    Samsung Galaxy S9 Full Screen display

    Samsung has just released Galaxy S8 in the market. The Galaxy S9 would already be in the course of design and this one would advance enough to fantasize. According to the Korean daily The Bell, Samsung would have started its design work on the screen and other key components. For …

  • 25 May

    Galaxy S8: 3 common problems as soon as the box comes out and their solution

    galaxy s8 problems

    The Galaxy S8 has had a few failures since its release: the first users report several annoying software or hardware bugs, such as full-screen display of certain applications, distortions of the loudspeaker in a case of immersion or system performance that Deteriorate with use. And as soon as the box …

  • 22 May

    Get Over the 10 Basic Problems Employees Face through these Hacks

    The workplace these days is not what we have studied about in the text books. The reality is often in stark contrast about what we generally know about everything around us. The way we work, interact with each other and try to complete our tasks/projects is defined by what we …

  • 22 May

    How PDF Locking Software Can Secure Your File


    As a business owner, you have several documents stored in PDF format to safeguard different types of confidential information, including company policies and partner agreements. And, you probably use the PDF format, rather than PowerPoint, Word or similar document formats, because Adobe Acrobat provides a consistent rendering of content across …

  • 17 May

    5 Most Expected Future Laptop Features

    Laptop has many functions. You can do many things with laptop such as typing, gaming, saving files, and other uses. Because the needs are more various, the features will also be more complete. That is why new laptops usually offer new features. How about the future laptops? What can we …

  • 13 May

    Online computer programming degree

    Online computer programming degree

    Having an online computer programming degree might be one of the most valuable things to have for an individual who plans to stay in this specific niche market for a long time. In our current society specialists are more needed than ever before. The same is true when it comes …

  • 12 May

    Sure-Shot Ways to Monetize Your Java Skills

    Java Development Team

    Who does not want to make money and be rich? And what better way to get rich than to use your passion. India has been a hub of Java development team and almost all I know are programmers by choice. There is a unique passion in them about what they do …

April, 2017

  • 28 April

    Greatest Game of Thrones Gifts Fans Should Have

    the iron throne puzzle game

    One of the most famous shows Game of Thrones is earning a huge number of fans on a regular basis and increasing in popularity around the whole world. True want best game of thrones goodies that would put more smiles on their faces and more fun in their daily routines. …

  • 28 April

    Top Key Chains for Game of Thrones Die Hard Fans

    Stark Rubber keychain

    Game of thrones keychain is very famous nowadays in the market. The fans of famous series of Games of Thrones are now able to enjoy seeing the characters with their keychain hanging with a bag, door, and a vehicle. Here are different keychain that you can see and buy it …