Leak of 2019 Model for iPhone X Plus!


The iPhone X came as a huge wave in the mobile world and many people have been talking about the phone. From its pricing to the integration of new features, the phone is a complete rebirth of the iPhone series. But as Noelle Neff, a tech enthusiast and photographer cites, the iPhone X is probably the best phone ever. However, after rumors came out about the release of iPhone X Plus, this could just be short-lived glory. If you have been wondering what the iPhone X Plus might be and the features Apple is planning to include, here is a peak into some leaks that should shed some light.

While Apple has been preparing for the launch of the first OLED iPhone, there were also background activities that were focused on developing the plus model of this phone. Once the iPhone X was unveiled officially, the next step as the market would expect is to get the Plus model of the phone, and this information was unfortunately not communicated officially. Some of the rumors pointing to the leaks suggest that Apple is designing a phone that will come with a display of 6.4 inches, and the phone will be released in 2018. A preview into the trends of the company of the past should hint that this will be the iPhone X Plus, something that has been echoed by many experts and reviewers.

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Identical design

According to the renderings leaked, the iPhone X Plus will come with an identical design as the base model, but the screen will be larger of course. It will feature the same notch-shaped design at the top for housing sensors and the TrueDepth camera. But as some people have argued, although Apple has planned to release a phone with a larger display in 2018 or later, the company might name it differently. Seems “iPhone X Plus” won’t be that much of an option since Apple has embraced a new naming and design convention for the iPhone series.

LCD display again?

You might have thought Apple ditched the LCD display, but some reports also indicate that the 6.4-inch display of the phone to be produced in 2018 and later will come with an LCD display, similar to the one used on the iPhone 7 Plus. It is said Apple has already entered into a contract with a Chinese company that will be dealing with the manufacture and supply of the LCD screens. But with given that there is a year to go before the next release comes out, the information shared across should not be taken as gospel truth until it is made clear what the market will get.

Many of the details to feature in the phone like display are still in the development stage, so it is not easy to tell what the market will get once the plans in place are finalized. Many things could be adjusted along the way to give the phone a new look, and you also have to remember market disruptions and other factors can influence decisions to embed some features or plus others.

Leak of 2019 Model for iPhone X Plus!
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Leak of 2019 Model for iPhone X Plus!
Leak of 2019 Model for iPhone X Plus!
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