Is The iPhone X Really Worth the $1000 Price Tag?


Apple unveiled the iPhone X during the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and many people are fascinated with the changes made to the iPhone series. But of more concern is the $1,000 price tag that comes with the iPhone X, which is why many want to know whether it is really worth it.

Alissa Davis is a tech expert who has also helped in reviewing different gadgets, and when the iPhone X was unveiled, he took time to preview its new features to see if it deserves the price tag. Here are some of the reasons he gives as to why you should get one at the $1,000 price tag.

1. All-screen

One of the most interesting things you will note about the iPhone X is that its design is now all-screen. The home button was eliminated to provide more room for an all-screen design, and this is something many users of iPhone think is awesome especially if you love watching videos.

2. A11 Bionic chip

The iPhone X comes equipped with the A11 Bionic chip, which is said to perform 25 percent faster compared to the A10 that was used on the iPhone 7. This could mean faster processing and better multitasking capabilities, so your usage of the phone is guaranteed to be smoother.

3. OLED Display

For the first time, the iPhone will have an OLED display, which allows true blacks, better color accuracy, and a high contrast ration. The result is high quality display especially when streaming videos, so this is a win for those who love watching movies online.

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4. Wireless charging

Another addition to the iPhone X that many will admire is the wireless charging system. The system is based on the Qi coil, which means you could use virtually any wireless charging pad. It is a joy waving goodbye to cables as you welcome the efficient and modern wireless charging system. Most importantly, the iPhone X has enabled the fast charging feature, so you can have your iPhone charged to almost full in just one hour.

5. Longer battery life

When fully charged, the battery of the iPhone X will last an additional two hours. This is good news to those who don’t want their streaming experience to be interrupted before they are done doing watching their favorite videos. It also comes in handy if you go for adventure to places where you cannot charge your phone.

6. Portrait lighting

The portrait lighting feature used on the iPhone X works by scanning the face to detect how your facial features react to light, and the information that is collected is used to come up with lighting effects to assist you in coming up with awesome photos.

7. Faster GPU

According to Apple, the iPhone X uses a three-core graphics processor, which is part of the A11 Bionic chip. The processor is 30 percent faster, translating to better multitasking and the ability to perform heavy tasks like playing high graphics games.

8. Galileo

You will also love that the iPhone X comes equipped with the Global Satellite Navigation System of Europe, which is an alternative to the U.S.-owned GPS.

Is The iPhone X Really Worth the $1000 Price Tag?
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This post was written by Alissa Davis. Follow her at Allisa B. Davis where she writes articles on technology.

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