Get Over the 10 Basic Problems Employees Face through these Hacks


The workplace these days is not what we have studied about in the text books. The reality is often in stark contrast about what we generally know about everything around us. The way we work, interact with each other and try to complete our tasks/projects is defined by what we have studied about it. But majority of the times we are just stunned by the proceedings in our daily work life.

Let’s admit it; we all fall prey to some of the most basic and usual problems all our work life and no one seems to pay attention to it. It can include getting the orders from someone other than your immediate boss or waiting for someone to do his work so that you can start your bit. Issues like these can be frustrating to say the least for not only a common worker but for the top management.

This blog is written exclusively for making the young and not-so-young people learn about the basic problems they face at work and briefly about how a task management system in place can help them in coping with the challenges they face with conviction and ease.

  1. Solve Bigger Problems in Little Chunks:

We all face a problem that can drive us crazy. If that problem persists, it can take a toll on our working and ultimately productivity. An issue with the sales team having tough time in the market can’t be solved overnight. Instead an approach to deal with it steadily can make a great difference to solve it. This may take some time but ultimately the problem that is known to all and making the company suffer in the face of low sales can ultimately be solved when everyone will take initiative to go the core of it.

  1. Make Employees Happy and Content with his Job:

This is quite a simple rule; a happy employee is more likely to work with more conviction and zeal while an unhappy one can make the company suffer with his performance. There can be virtually unlimited number of reasons for that; but above all the role of the immediate manager is of great importance. So the higher management need to check out the line managers/supervisors if a sizeable part of the workforce is leaving the company.

  1. Looking Stupid in the Company of Geniuses:

People with average knowledge about their job and related to their company’s products are certainly no match with the star performers of their firm. And after some time, it can take a toll on their performance as they think of themselves as a fool and idiot in front of the geniuses in the field. Again, the role of the management and the managers is imperative. They should teach average employees that they can also become a star performer by focusing on his job and not on the others making it big.

  1. The Motivation Factor:

Directly related to the last point, a highly motivated employee can be an asset for the company while the one lacking in this aspect is in dire need of counseling in this regard. Reasons like low salary hike, lack of bonuses, very few paid leaves and no promotion for a long time can be instrumental in making an employee feeling low and crossed with his job. Give him the rewards, not just monetary, so that he can own the company and work diligently.

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  1. Great Manager and Average Manager:

A great manager can keep his team in-tact and make them work proficiently. On the other hand, a manager, although knows how to do his job, can’t make a commendable job. The difference is not just their working but also how they deal with their job. A sincere effort is not enough; a manager needs to use all his wisdom and skills in making sure his workers can also work cent percent to their potential while making no excuses.

  1. A Healthy Habit for Life:

Think of one thing that you want to do the most that and can benefit you for the rest of your life. It can be an academic degree, course, a skill that you want to learn since your childhood, etc. It may or may not directly benefit you in your job but eventually it will make you happy and more productive than ever. Complete a life-long dream and make it a habit and you will amazed to see how it may eventually help you in your daily work routine.

  1. Team Collaboration:

A person who loves to work within a team and lead it is the one who is respected and adored by him fellow employees and managers. Team collaboration is essential in many aspects and a task management system for group collaboration can be really effective in this regard. There are many tools available in the market like TaskQue which can make your job easy in this regard.

  1. Combating Procrastination:

One of the most common problems people face at the workplace is procrastination either by them or by others affecting their performance. To avoid it is at the same time very easy and difficult too; you have to use your willpower so that you know that delaying a task or project can be deadly in the long term. I this way you can stop the procrastination at your end. And talking politely with others is what can make them stop the procrastination at their end.

  1. Setting Priorities:

Setting up the priorities in your job will do a world of good for your productivity and job satisfaction. Many situations come during a person’s career where he has to choose between a doing a project/task that is important to him. In the long-term, it can have far-reaching impact. Even in daily routine tasks, a complex task should be left for the end of the day so that easier tasks are done.

  1. Multitasking:

While there are many new researches coming out informing us about the adverse effects of multitasking, it is still sometimes necessary. A manager and the higher management are always involved in several tasks and decision making simultaneously. So every employee should have an idea about how to multitask as it will be an important lesson for them for sure.

I hope you will benefit from this blog. Have any suggestions or feedback? Let us know in comments, thanks.

Get Over the 10 Basic Problems Employees Face through these Hacks
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