G700 LED Flashlight Review: Is it Really Military


Although the evidence linking the flashlight with the military is inconsistent and unofficial, there has been information of its use in open fields during battles. It is also crucial to assert that the use of the product was not open to the civilians until recently. Presently, everyone in the society can purchase the product and use it to execute their daily endeavors. The many features that make the product resilient and strong have led to an increase in its use both in the United States and around the globe.

In addition, the superior design makes the product one of a kind and a must have in every household. Its resilience matches the requirements of those individuals, who love hunting and undertaking a number of outdoor activities. Some of the frequently asked questions include is it military? As well as why the ‘Military Grade Tactical Flashlight’ tag is among the list of names associated with the product. Well, to ascertain the reality, it is paramount to study the contents of this article.

Military Flashlights

Why Consider the Flashlight as Military


The features utilized in the manufacture of the G700 Tactical Flashlight are high end and exceptional. Features such as the aircraft aluminum, battery durability, and Cree XM-L T6 LED emission design to enhance the performance of the flashlights. Actually, the use of these features not only implies that the product is excellent but also creates a feeling that indeed the design target individuals, who undertake their activities in challenging environments.

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The evidence is practical in the many flashlights available today in the market, who meet the requirements of lay individuals. These products are not resilient and cannot withstand high temperatures, unlike their counterparts. Moreover, they do not match the 2,000 feet lighting that the G700 flashlight provides to its users. Therefore, it is in order to state that the product follows a military design and the fact that it is currently within the reach of civilians means that you cannot underscore its performance.


Principally, the product is high in performance owing to the features used in its manufacture. The use of aircraft aluminum, also used in designing aircraft, implies that the product has superior levels of resilience and durability. Therefore, the product can withstand any environment regardless of the temperatures and period. For instance, the double AA batteries of the product can stay for more than 4 to 6 months depending on the usage. The long life of the batteries means that you will not need to keep changing the batteries as you always do when you use other products.

Another feature, which augments the performance of the product, is the rechargeable option that permits individuals to charge their products even when they are in the comfort of their cars or when they are using their laptops. The discussion on the functionality or the performance of the product cannot be complete without elaborating the bright light that the product offers to its users. Unlike many fakes and counterfeits in the market, the G700 Lumitact Flashlight provides a full light of 2,000 feet from its utility of 700 lumens.

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G700 LED Flashlight Review: Is it Really Military
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