What Are the Differences between Java and Python?


If you want to be a programmer, you have to specify the type of programmer you want to be. This aspect is associated with any field and profession of the world. When you want to be an engineer, you can’t just be an engineer – you have to specify which type of engineer you want to be e.g. mechanical, chemical, civil etc. As a programmer, you have to pick one language from a bunch of programming languages out there. You might want to look at the scope of the language and your future as a programmer of that language.

Among several programming languages you have Java and Python. These are two of the most famous programming languages out there. Aspiring programmers can have different reasons for choosing one over another. It’s best if you don’t just make ease of learning the main deciding criterion for learning a language. What if a language is easy to learn but at the same time it is losing its value in future? The first thing you will hear about these two languages is that they are object-oriented. You have to work with objects as a programmer of any of those languages.

One thing loved greatly about Python is that it is the perfect programming language for beginners. It has simple syntax that allows newbies to learn the language easily. Python is used for making all types of applications including web platforms, desktop applications and computational software. It is also an amazing thing about Python that you don’t have to type lengthy codes on it. With simple and short codes you can do a lot of work. You don’t even need to end every line of code with a semicolon. You need interpreters on systems for Python programs to run.

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As for Java, it is one of the most powerful programming languages out there. Experts would say you should use Java when things are getting tougher with other languages. Java is pretty easy compared to other languages too. While learning Java you will also realize that it looks quite similar to other programming languages in how its code is written. This makes it easy for you to learn other languages too. On the other hand, Python is one of the very few languages that don’t follow certain coding rules that other languages do. Java is also the truly platform-independent programming language out there.

When you want to run Python on a particular operating system, the compilers have to be there that will convert your written code into a format that the operating system can understand. With the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) your Java code can run on any operating system without the need of separate compilers. You cannot disregard the fact that Java is one of the most widely used programming languages around the world. This gives you an opportunity to become a programmer that has a stable and reliable future. You can look into deeper details if you want to decide which language you want to program with.

What Are the Differences between Java and Python?
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