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Website is a remarkable method to form an online identity. In order to open any website, a complete address of the site is required which is called as URL address, or domain name.


For instance, if you want to open Google then its accurate URL address is needed which is This exclusive reference or address is called as Domain Name and it signifies Internet Protocol (IP) also.

IP address or Domain Name:-

It is very difficult to memorize an IP address. This is the reason behind the establishment of Domain Name System (DNS). The world’s foremost domain name was enlisted on 15th March, 1985 by the name

There exist various excellent domain registrars on the web which provided several services such as domain name registration, web designing, web hosting, cloud storage, Email services, etc. Below mentioned are the cheapest domain registrars that possess excellent repute, users’ contentment, and good support.

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It is a great domain registrar. As its name already denotes the idea that it offers cheapest domain name for your provides you with reseller hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, Email hosting, and dedicated servers in low prices. It was originated in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. With it, you can buy .com domain names for $10.69 per year as well as .org and .net domains for$11.48 per year. It is regarded as one of the best options for GoDaddy domain.


It was launched in 1997 as a Jomax Tehnologies and later the name is changed to also offers cheap plans of domain names and also provides web hosting. Its hosting plans begin from $4.99 per suffered a major failure in 2012 but then it retained its reputation. In the first year, it charged $10 and after that it enhanced its price to $15. Basically, they are considered s the Boss of domain registrars.

1 and 1:-

It was established in 1988. Recently, over 19 million registered domains for business and private customers are under its control. It is another renowned and inexpensive domain registrar company. It provides you with the cheap registration fee for one year which is around 1 or 2 dollar. Moreover, it offers exclusive discounts for web hosting. Among different domain registrars, it is on the second position.

It is basically a popular company which is bearing an excellent standing in the field of domain registrar and web hosting too. It offers a registration fee of $10.99 per year which is, as regards the abovementioned domain registrars, somewhat high. It was launched in 2003 by Bill Mushkin. In addition, their services include domain registration, website building, SSL certificates, Google applications, Email services, and more.

ShoutMy Domain:-

This domain registrar provides you cheap domain names i.e. on the price of $10.99 per year for .com domains. With .biz domains, its price is $40.94 per year, with .org it starts from $6.04 per year. It offers payment via Netbanking for Indian customers, and for international customers the best choice for payment is PayPal.

Cheapest Domain Registrars
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