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Which Programming language to learn and how

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You are new to programming. You are wondering what programming language to learn because different programming language seems to do some work and not others.  You don’t know what language to learn because you don’t know what kind of work will suite you.  You are here because you caught some …

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How Technology Influences Our Emotional Life?

Men using tablet

Modern technology has infiltrated all aspects of our professional and personal lives. But how does this affect modern relationships and marriages? Divorce rates are in constant rise and experts often blame our fast-paced society for these trends. But is there a way technology can help us in establishing strong relationships …

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Why Math and Science are Important Subjects in a Child Schooling

Improvement of math and science learning should be of great concern to the educators and policymakers. This is mainly because the early experiences always affect later education outcomes. When we provide our children with researched based mathematics and science learning opportunities, this is likely to pay off with some increased …

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Hidden Messages behind Famous Logo Designs

VAIO:- Although Sony has sold off its famous PC and laptop brand “VAIO” but the brand is still much popular and alive, you can purchase some amazing high tech Vaio laptop through Microsoft Online store. Vaio has very unique logo design and it was designed well to convey the message …

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C++ vs Java

C++ and Java both are high level programming languages. Both comprises of some similar as well as different features. If you are a C++ programmer, then you will have a fundamental knowledge about object oriented programming. Moreover, the language structure of Java appear very common to you. This is meaningful …

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Importance of Technology in our daily Life

Technology is a set of techniques, procedures, resources, skills, and gadgets that are combined in order to manufacture the commodities. Technology is the term that refers to the use of machines, computers, utensils, factories, etc. These are the things that affect our daily lives and make them easier and comfortable. …

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