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5 Ways to Detect Fake Customer Reviews in 2017

fake review

Customer reviews are a wonderful option for assessing products and making sure they’re exactly what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, many customer reviews aren’t written by actual buyers. They’re either created by a marketing team or the competition. A study has shown at yelp that over 16% of reviews are being …

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New Year’s eve party ideas

Now a days it looks like, the years are passing so quickly that it is difficult to accept that another year has passed away. Now it has become a fashion to celebrate New Year’s Eve with different styles and passions. It is the ending and major night of the year. …

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How to get Facebook page likes

Facebook is one of the best social media platform that provides you social interact with different people. It is also a medium through which you can publicize your business or anything. It is incessantly growing which indicates that there is more logic to be fond of Facebook pages than before. …

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