Banc De Binary review 2015


Banc De binary is a company whose specialty of field is binary options on the resources which involves foreign exchange, stocks, indices, and commodities. The company is functioning an online trading website on which clients can purchase and sell digital goods. It also forecasts about the value of the articles of trading, whether they will rise or fall in a certain period of time.

Banc De Binary Origin & license:-

Banc De binary is one of the unique and innovative binary option brokers of its type which was established in 2010. Moreover, if you have some confusion regarding its originality and license then it can be make clear as the company was certified on 7th January, 2013 as an investment organization by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Its license number is 188/13. Furthermore, it is also enlisted with the FCA in the United Kingdom and also with the CONSOB in Italy.

Choosing your trading firm:-

While choosing or selecting a trading firm, it is better to check out the record of the licensed brokers first. This checking is for the purpose of making it sure that the selected company is authorized by government agency or not. Banc De binary is registered on the list of the synchronized traders.

Execution of deal:-

The company does not carry out the customer’s trade through a synchronized exchange. It profits only when the client is in loss.

Banc De Binary Associations:-

The company is linked up with Spot Option Exchange which decides the value of the option. The price is decided by Spot Option Exchange and is not the market value.

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Assistance provided y Banc De Binary:-

The company permits the clients to make predictions on the variations in the value of numerous resources by making use of Spot Option Company which is linked up with Banc De binary. The clients are viable only for making prediction about the rise and fall of a value. Moreover, the company’s responsibility is to setup accounts for its clients.

In addition, the company has upgraded their website recently. It has formed new campaigns and exceptional deals. They are offering a new proposal for the customers that they can open an account with the minimum balance of $250. The company’s operating through a very famous platform of Spot Option which provides 30 and 60 second options, structures, and numerous other types of alternatives.

Complementary services of Banc De Binary:-

Banc De binary provides you the complementary service by offering the traders free trading signals software. Officially, this service is available for the traders whose accounts are deposited with $1000. But it’s not necessary always. You can force the sales department to provide you approach for the software even if you have a small amount in your account.

Conclusion about Banc De Binary:-

The above research proves that Banc De binary is not a scam broker. Instead it is truly a valid binary option dealer. Who’s one advantage or you can say their one quality over numerous brokers is that Banc De binary is one of the few traders that provide its email address for any query and complaints.

Banc De Binary review 2015
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