Android vs IPhone 2015


Nowadays, technology is emerging so fast that it is difficult to choose which Smartphone to buy. Purchasing a Smartphone is just like purchasing a car.

While making up your mind for purchasing an android or iPhone, first of all make sure which mobile phone suits in your hands. Make sure what type of specs you are looking for in your cell phone. Whether you want to buy an android based Smartphone or iPhone.

Every Smartphone possesses the major specifications. They are provided with the high speed internet, they have camera to make videos and take pictures, they execute different apps and play movies, etc. Moreover, every essential feature on iPhone is same as that is in Android.

Comparison between Android and Iphone:-

Now we will make a comparison between the two. You will see that in some aspects Android is better than iPhone and in some iPhone is a success.

Saving favorite contacts:-

In Android, favorite contacts are organized in a good way. They are speedily saved according to the manner of the people whom you call mostly. But they execute in an iPhone in a better way.

Comparison regarding time feature:-

Android and iPhone both display the time when you push the lock button. But android is a success in this feature. Mostly android phones have smooth covers and sensors that instinctively display the time when you remove the cell out of the pocket. These phones also display clock that stays there at the time of charging.

Difference about Cameras:-

The cameras of both the phones are great. Android phones camera is extremely shocking and marvelous. Handling photos in an android is a better experience than iPhones. IPhones iCloud is a failure whereas, Google photos provides the unrestricted free storage.

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Differences between Keyboards:-

Apple iPhones have started to display the lowercase letters on its keyboard but android is again better from iPhone in that feature too. It is better as it display swipe signs and punctuation on the same screen on its keyboard.

Differences between there Apps stores:-

Both the phones provide you with the amazing app stores. But android is a success in this feature also as it manages the apps quite successfully. It allows you to place your important apps or stuff on the home screen and can keep the less used apps in the app drawer. Android’s widgets are also a plus point of its features as they are useful as that of iPhone’s.


In iPhone, you can answers any notification within the notifications and you don’t have any need of opening the app itself. This is a plus point of Apple iPhone against android. On the other hand, android permits you to set the apps which are your priority. Moreover, android notifications can be cleared with a single swipe.

Setting the volume:-

In iPhone there is a switch where you can set the volume or the vibrate option. But in android there is no such button. You have to log into your phone and then press the volume button to set the volume to vibrate. However, some android phones allow you to set the volume in particular situations.

Personal Experiences and Conclusion:-

According to my personal experience android phone becomes slower with time regardless of its specifications but Iphone never slows down it will always works like a charm. Getting slow down with time is the only disadvantage android have.

So we see, both the phones have their own features and specifications, but android technology is far better than Apple’s.

Android vs IPhone 2015
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