5 Great Uses of White Space in a Logo Design


A logo is a carved picture that carries the overall image of a brand for long and maintains a long-term association with the customers. A logo design is not simple as it looks, it is a detailed design process that embeds various features to give it the finest look. One of the features of the logo design process is white spaces which are commonly known as negative spaces are at their best to create attractive and eye-catching logos. Putting on all design elements to make up a different logo is an easy task only for the logo design professionals. These professional designers have brilliant skills for using white spaces in a logo design to give it an artistic and memorable look.

The use of White Space in a logo design enriches it and makes it more visible and prominent to the viewers. At times, the white areas do not get noticed in the first look, but a closer inspection gives the viewer’s eye a time to rest and think. It compels the viewers to stay and think which in other words we could say that the design has grabbed the audience’s attention leading towards the hidden meaning of the logo design.

If you are still not using white spaces in a logo design, read these five most important uses of white spaces to create a brilliant logo design.

1. It Adds Prominence To A Logo Design:

A logo design with a combination of white spaces and positive spaces adds a greater visibility to the viewers. White spaces manifest the idea of another unique design. It implies another opportunity for new designs.

2. It Gives Meaning To A Logo Design:

Consider the above picture. Can you identify the White Space that is giving this design a meaning?
If you see the last two letters which are i and l, you will find that it is a pencil placed upside down which is giving meaning to the logo design.It is the design that matters, and the use of a plain background attracts those who sees it even at a distance.

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3. It Communicates The Ideas Clearly:

It is not necessary that white spaces be always white in color. White spaces are negative spaces and can be of any color in a logo design.

Look at the above picture; it says “handsup.” The design seems to be simple, but if you look at it, you will notice that the “U” in the hands is showing a man with his hands raised up. The communication of the idea has become more apparent and prominent with the use of negative space.

4. It Evokes Imaginations To A Logo Design:

When we see White Space in a logo design, it allows our imaginations to ponder, which results in a stronger emotional response, attachment and engagement. A logo design that tends the audience to figure out the meaning lasts for long and it remains more profoundly in the minds of the viewers.

5. It Gives A Positive Response To A Logo Design:

White Spaces in a logo design attract the eyes and makes the logo design different from the others. A custom logo designer knows how well to use White Space in a logo design because there is always a positive reaction towards a White Space. The White Space in a logo design brings in positivity and delivers a clean and a relaxing visual effect for the viewers.


The White Space in a logo design changes the entire layout of the work and retains an active visual effect for the viewers. They are important aspects of not just for a logo design but in other designs too. White spaces work in a manner of giving meaning to your design work that stays for long. It is good and recommended to use White Space in a logo design but using too many white spaces would make your design boring. So, think before you ink and understand the appropriate use of it.

5 Great Uses of White Space in a Logo Design
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