12 Ways the iPhone X Beats the iPhone 7


The iPhone X came with a huge bang and many people are interested to know the features the new gadget has added. Definitely, this is a new revolution in the iPhone family that has helped make the phone better in various ways. If you are looking to know how it is different from iPhone 7, here are differences that highlight the benefits of the phone.

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  1. All glass:

Unlike the iPhone 7, the iPhone X is all glass, which basically means the front and rear of the phone is entirely covered in glass, and Apple confirmed that this is no ordinary glass as it is the strongest to ever be used on a phone.


  1. Stainless steel frame:

Apple has also created a new steel alloy that is stainless and finer than in the previous versions including the iPhone 7. This gives the iPhone X better build quality as compared to iPhone 7.


  1. OLED:

It is also evident that iPhone X is the first iPhone to come with an OLED display. This translates to improved color accuracy, true blacks, and high contrast, effects that could not be achieved with the display configuration of the iPhone 7.


  1. All-screen:

Another difference between iPhone X and 7 that makes the iPhone X better is the all-screen display adopted. This was made possible by the elimination of the home button and stretching the screen leaving very thin bezels all around. The phone offers you sufficient room to watch your videos and browse across different screens.

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  1. True Tone:

Additionally, the iPhone X adapts automatically the intensity of its display and color depending on the temperature of light within its environment. This is a feature that allows you to take clearer and better balanced photos, which was not easy to do on the iPhone 7.


  1. Face ID:

Apple has moved a notch higher in enhancing security measures with the introduction of Face ID, which comes as a replacement to the finger print scanning mechanism of unlocking your phone. The feature works by scanning your face to unlock the phone.

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  1. Animoji:

Again for the first time, iPhone 7 comes with animojis, animated emojis that are generated from your facial expression. It is a good way to spice up chats with friends.


  1. Wireless charging:

Good riddance to using cables to charge your iPhone. With the iPhone X, you will enjoy the convenience of having a wireless charging mechanism, which is a feature iPhone 7 did not have.


  1. Fast charging:

The charging system of iPhone X has also been upgraded to allow faster charging. Unlike in iPhone 7, you can charge your phone to more than 50 percent within just 45 minutes.


  1. Longer battery life:

Those who love to use their phone longer will admire the battery life of the iPhone X, which offers you additional 2 hours compared to what you could achieve from iPhone 7.


  1. Bluetooth 5.0:

Having Bluetooth 5.0 means 8 times the broadcast content, twice the speed, and four times the range, so compared to Bluetooth 4.2 in iPhone 7 you have a better reason to smile.


  1. A11 Bionic chip:

The latest chip, the A11 Bionic chip, comes with dual performance cores that offer speeds of 25 percent more as well as four high-efficiency cores that guarantee up to 70 percent faster processing, which is more than the A10 chip used in iPhone 7.

12 Ways the iPhone X Beats the iPhone 7
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12 Ways the iPhone X Beats the iPhone 7
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12 Ways the iPhone X Beats the iPhone 7

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